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About us

AJR are a Procurment Consultancy Firm


AJR Specialise in the Procurement of US products and supply products from Large MRO suppliers to small manufacturers. We work closely, collaborating with our clients helping to find the best product at the best price as well as winning business that was usually out of reach.


Our Focus as a company is to build strong, long lasting relationships and create tangible value to our clients supply chains. Given our experience in the field, we have been able to grow up a large network of suppliers and manufacturers. Given our clients request and feedback, strategic sourcing allows us to make the best decision to ensure the standard quality is met, and prices are minimised. 


We are there at every stage of the procurement life cycle, from initial product identification all the way through to the products arrival. We understand the need for a quick request turnaround, we handle most of our request within the hour ensuring that the process is streamlined. 


What makes us different to all other sourcing companies is that every member of our company is a shareholder, ensuring maximum care and support to ensure your expectations are not only met but surpassed. 
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